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Digital Nomad: Benefits and Challenges of Living on the Move

Embark on a life-changing journey, breaking free from the mundane. Explore the world, unleash your potential, and answer the call of adventure as a digital nomad – read more to see the possibilities ahead.

We have always been fascinated by travelling the world. We dreamt of seeing the farthest corners of the globe, but we never had enough time. Work, home, work, home, holidays, work, home. That was our routine, 9 to 5. When Monday came, we were frustrated and tired. Although we didn’t quite know what we were missing, we knew that we didn’t want our lives to continue like this. Over time, we left our full-time jobs and started our own businesses. It felt much better – we were more flexible with time and were able to work on our personal and professional development in the desired areas. Life went on, yet something was still missing. Adventure was still calling to us. 

Someone once said, “If you change nothing, nothing will change.” Occasionally, we thought about what it would be like to move somewhere else. But we always postponed our plans for some distant future. I remember when we visited our friends for two weeks in Spain. Sitting in a café right by the beach on a late November evening, listening to the peaceful sound of the waves, my partner asked:

‘What if we could live like this every day?’

From that moment on, things rapidly unfolded. We’ve made a decision.

We took the plunge, embracing the philosophy that you only live once – we sold everything we owned, bought a campervan, and set off into the world!

My partner’s wings grew, her eyes sparkled, and she began to plan. As for me, I’ll be honest – I was terrified. My comfort zone had just deflated like a balloon, and standing on its edge, I wondered how it would actually work. Sell everything? The car, furniture, books? What about mementos from college? Photos? Can you pack your entire life into a small van and hit the road? It turns out – you can. My partner came to the rescue, introducing me to the world of minimalism. Have you ever heard of the Marie Kondo method? Marie Kondo’s method of organizing personal space is based on keeping only the items that bring us joy or are important to us.

My Justyna unleashed a tornado on our flat in the following days. Before I knew it, half of our belongings were gone. Some were sold, and some given away for free at charity shops and through recycling groups. However, it was harder for us to part with things of sentimental value. How can you suddenly let go of a book with a personal dedication, or a beloved yellow armchair that witnessed so many online conferences? It wasn’t an easy process – try it yourself: look around the room and choose only a handful of things to take with you. The rest must go! What will you choose?

TIP – f an item holds sentimental value, and you’d like to remember it but don’t necessarily need to keep it, take a photo of it.

This trick works because you don’t feel like loosing anything, and that’s what’s important. The fewer things you have, the easier it is to keep the place clean!

I remember that moment when Justyna and I sat on a cardboard box in an empty flat. The car was already packed, and everything unnecessary had been sold or given away. We looked at the empty room and felt pure joy like little children! We had never felt so liberated before now. It was the first step that made us truly experience it’s all happening for real!

How to Plan a Move into the Unknown?

It’s not like we packed our things and moved our entire life into the campervan within a few weeks. The road to that moment was quite long and bumpy. At the beginning of our adventure, we were running our own businesses, and we had to find a way to transfer everything online. That’s why we launched an online platform. It wasn’t easy. We had to convince our clients to trust us in this new form, rebuild our business model, and prove that we can still deliver the same quality of service. We had to make some adjustments, but it was worth it!

There was one thing we feared the most – losing our clients. The issue was not about making money, but losing the chance to pursue our passions. We didn’t want to let the clients down. Fortunately, most of them understood our decision and supported us. They even became captivated by our idea and started recommending us to their friends. We are truly grateful to them for that.

The next challenge was leaving our loved ones behind.

Family, friends, business partners – we had to say goodbye to everyone. It wasn’t easy, but we knew it was necessary. We were leaving for a while, but we promised to visit as often as possible. And we kept our word. Thanks to technology, we can stay in touch with our loved ones, no matter where we are. Video calls and messages became our daily routine. It’s not the same as meeting in person, but it helps a lot.

Finally, we had to deal with the perception of failure. People around us often said, “Why are you leaving everything behind? You have a good life here, a stable business, a home.” Yes, they were right, but it wasn’t about giving things up. It was about taking a break, exploring the world, gaining new experiences, and finding ourselves. We didn’t want to wake up one day, old and regretful, realizing that we missed out on so much. We had to follow our hearts and live our lives the way we wanted.

The Benefits of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

One of the biggest advantages of the digital nomad lifestyle is the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. As long as we have a stable internet connection, we can continue to serve our clients and maintain our business. We can wake up in the morning, have breakfast by the ocean, and then start working with a view, that changes every day. The feeling of being able to work and travel is wonderful.

Another priceless benefit of the digital nomad lifestyle is the opportunity to build international connections and relationships. As we travel, we meet people from different cultures, backgrounds, and professions. We learn from each other, exchange ideas, and broaden our horizons. These connections often lead to collaborations, partnerships, and new opportunities.

Networking becomes an exciting adventure!

Of course, the main reason we chose this lifestyle was the desire for adventure and change. Every day is distinct. We never know what to expect. We wake up in a new place, meet new people, try new foods, and immerse ourselves in different cultures. It’s like a never-ending journey of discovery. We feel alive, excited, and full of energy. This lifestyle keeps us curious and open-minded.

Digital Nomad vs. Slow Travelling

However, it’s important to acknowledge that constant travel can be challenging. It requires a lot of energy and can sometimes be exhausting. That’s why we’ve learned to appreciate the concept of slow travelling. Instead of rushing from one place to another, we choose to stay in one location for a longer period. This way, we can immerse ourselves in the local culture, make deeper connections, and establish a sense of belonging. We become part of the community, get to discover the hidden gems, and create memories that will stay with us forever.

Flexibility is the Key

To thrive in the digital nomad lifestyle, flexibility is the key. We have to be adaptable to changing circumstances, whether it’s finding reliable Wi-Fi or adjusting our schedules to different time zones. It’s also crucial to manage our finances wisely. We have to plan our budget, be mindful of expenses, and find ways to generate income even while on the move.

Living on the move requires us to simplify our lives and focus on what truly matters. We have learned to let go of material possessions and embrace minimalism. It’s liberating to realize that we can be happy with less.

We value experiences and moments over material things.

This lifestyle has taught us to appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

In conclusion, becoming digital nomads has been a life-changing decision. It has allowed us to break free from the conventional 9 to 5 routine and create a life that is truly aligned with our values and desires. Our experiences have fostered a sense of personal freedom, adventure, and growth. It hasn’t always been easy, but the rewards have been more than worth it. Living on the move has opened our eyes to the beauty of the world and the endless possibilities that await us. We encourage anyone who feels the calling to step out of their comfort zone and embark on their own nomadic journey.

Life is too short to live with regrets and what-ifs. Embrace the unknown and let it guide you to extraordinary experiences.

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